Military Archives and Ordnance Collection

The USS Salem Archives and Ordnance Collection collections, preserves and exhibits military memorabilia relating to all periods of United States military history.

The United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum's archive collection consists of books, prints, artwork, photographs and documents covering a broad range of topics, including:

  • United States Military History - all branches and services, and all wars and conflicts from pre-US Revolutionary War to the present.

  • Foreign Military History

  • Shipbuilding and Maritime history

  • Additionally, original records, photographs and material relating to the history of the Fore River Shipyard is available.

Ordnance and Artifact Collection

The museum's Ordnance and Artifact Collection includes a diverse selection of items including machine guns, bombs, mines, helmets, uniforms and small field pieces.

A special collection of WWI weaponry, personal effects and related artifacts recovered from WWI battle fields in France is also on display.


The Museum will gladly accept donations of Military items regardless of the condition, period or country of origin. A fair market value appraisal for a federal tax exempt credit will be provided upon request.

Contact and Visitor Information

Special Hours for Archive Collection:

  • John Connors at (617) 479-7900

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