USS Salem Association

Formed in 1989 by USS Salem Plank owner R.M. ("Bob") Daniels, the USS Salem association is an organization of former officers and crewmen of the USS Salem CA-139. (Bob passed away June 30, 2007.)

The USS Salem Association held its first reunion in 1989, and now holds an annual reunion where former crewmembers meet to renew old acquaintances and share good times. The USS Salem Association maintains an extensive database. growing constantly, of former USS Salem crewmembers who would like to keep in touch with their former crewmates. The Association also publishes a newsletter bringing news of former crewmembers, USS Salem herself, and other articles of interest to the membership. "Original" USS Salem crewmembers also work aboard the Salem once again, this time as volunteers, working to restore the Pride of the Navy to her original glory.   

The USS Salem Association Memory Room on board the USS Salem is now open for visitors. Located in the Captain's in-port cabin, the Memory Room contains artifacts and memorabilia from the USS Salem and the men who were her crew.


For Association Information Contact:
Eileen Daniels
Vice President Administration & Operations
(352) 326-5377
Raymond Creamer
(614) 863-6419
For Shipboard Information Contact:
*William Anderson
Vice President
(781) 272-0566

Shipboard Tour Guides:
Gene Lacey
Dan Shalkauskas

Shipboard Working Parties:
Fred Handte
Pat Volpe
Frank Adkins

USS Salem Memorial Room:
Contact Laurence Leger for information on contents


* For Shipboard Working Party Info.


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