Packing List and Rules for USS Salem Visit

Packing List

Sleeping bag Toiletry articles
Sleeping pad* Camera / film
Pillow Flashlight
Change of Clothes Snack food**
*optional **prohibited from eating in berthing areas

Rules for USS Salem Visit

  1. Parents/Group leaders will take an active role in supervising the behavior of their group.

  2. Smoking is prohibited aboard the USS Salem. The designated smoking area is on the pier.

  3. The possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages aboard the USS Salem or anywhere on the property of the United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum is prohibited.

  4. Harassment of any sort will not be tolerated by USNSM management.

  5. The USNSM reserves the right to take corrective action against any individual/group found in flagrant disregard of USNSM policy. This includes requesting an individual/group to leave USNSM property.



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