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United States Shipbuilding Museum, Inc. operates and maintains USS Salem; one of the world's only preserved heavy cruiser. The USNSM's primary goal is to preserve our nation's history for all generations.


The United States Naval and Shipbuilding Museum was established to instill recognition, pride, and patriotism in the citizens of the Commonwealth, the United States of America and the international community regarding the vital contribution of the City of Quincy and the Commonwealth have made to the development of this nation and its national heritage in the fields of shipbuilding, maritime history, national defense efforts, and national economy and other achievements important to the general history of the nation.
The USNSM will also establish and develop a national museum of shipbuilding history which will maintain records, manuscripts, log books, artifacts, works of art, oral histories, and other historical materials and provide exhibitions and displays and otherwise educate visitors as to the importance of the Commonwealth's maritime and shipbuilding history to the United States of America.

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United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum
549 South Street, Pier 3
Quincy, MA 02169

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United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum
PO Box 165
Quincy, MA 02170
*Please note NEW mailing address effective 3/15/21

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Phone: 617-479-7900

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