Educational Field Trips

Are you ready for a Shipboard Adventure? Experience life on board what was once one of the Navy’s most powerful class of cruisers in the world. The world’s only preserved heavy cruiser, the The USS Salem is moored at her birthplace in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Visit one of the ship’s four engine rooms and sit in the captain’s chair on the ship’s bridge. Explore below decks where over 1,600 officers and sailors lived and worked. Imagine eating dinner in the crew’s mess deck and step inside one of three 8 inch gun turrets that once fired 260 pound shells almost 18 miles.

Experience the feeling of sailing the high seas and preparing for battle as you venture deep into the ship to the Combat Information Center at the heart of the USS Salem.

Let the adventures begin!

Explore the Ship and see how sailors lived and worked:

  • Engine Room
  • Bridge
  • Below Decks
  • Crew’s Mess Deck
  • Gun Turret
  • Barber Shop, Tailor Shop, and Cobbler Shop
  • Combat Information Center
  • And More